Our loyal clients truly are the reason we continue to flourish and improve. Here are some of the nice things they’ve said about us.  We’ll do everything we can to make sure you’re a satisfied client as well. – Keith Cleversley, Florascience, Inc. and Wonderland Labs.

Honestly, I wouldn’t trust my Kava samples to anyone else. Not only can Wonderland Labs handle odd chemotypes and kavalactone lineups with no problem, they were able to split some hairs for us that allowed us to make more informed decisions on new products we were bringing to the marketplace.  Thanks to Keith for always making us feel as though we’re his only client.



I think we’ve known about Wonderland-Labs long before anyone else did! Keith is our best-kept secret. He’s never disappointed, even when we get disappointing results. I can’t count the money we’ve saved by getting a couple of quick tests (we always get the bio and identity testing).


C.C. Importers

Both Florascience, Inc. and Wonderland-Labs have been our secret weapon for manufacturing and testing of our products.  With so many essential oils in our product catalog, we needed someone who could handle large numbers of products, while confirming the identity of what are often very expensive essential oils. Certificates of Analysis are now a feature of every product we offer.