Q: What do you do?

We’re primarily a botanical and dietary supplement testing lab, but with a focus on Kava Kava and exotic botanicals such as Akuamma, Kratom, Blue Lotus/Blue Lily, Kanna, Sinicuichi, Wild Dagga and many others.  This means that you can send us any legal material, and ask us to VERIFY its identity, IDENTIFY any key compounds, alkaloids, or other materials in it, we can QUANTIFY percentages of any of those compounds, and we can TEST FOR CONTAMINANTS OR ADULTERANTS in your product.

If you want to know whether the product you are purchasing is actually what it claims to be, we can help.  If you want to know how much of a particular compound or alkaloid is in that product, we can help as well. Kava Kava is our specialty, as are other lesser-known and exotic botanicals, but we can test just about anything that can be tested.  If you want to make sure there’s nothing dangerous in your material, such as bacteria or heavy metal contaminants, we can find out for you as well.

Our parent company; FLORASCIENCE, INC. also does everything from custom extractions, to product formulation, to manufacturing, distribution, and private labeling of dietary supplements.  We can help turn your ideas into a safe, verified, GMP-produced, marketable product that will put you miles ahead of the rest of the competition.

Simply click to FLORASCIENCE, INC. to find out more about product development or CONTACT US to get a no-obligation quote. Any samples sent to us must be discussed via email or voice, and must accompanied by our Sample Submission Form, NO EXCEPTIONS, sorry!

Q: Why should I care?

You would be amazed at how many samples we get in that are not what they claim to be, are adulterated, or have dangerous pathogens in them.  Check out our VERIFY page for more details. Not only does making your customers sick put you into a difficult legal position, it will lose you trust, business, and sales.

Testing is a small piece of insurance that pays back far more than it costs. 100% of the companies with whom we have tested for have reported positive sales numbers, increase in trust, and a heightened confidence that they’re not only providing their customers with the high-quality product they thought they were, but they are providing a safe product that won’t cause anyone who works with it or consumes it any health problems.

Certificates of Analysis are great sales tools as well; any product that has certification by the 3rd party lab such as Wonderland-Labs will automatically be trusted more by your customers. In the end, isn’t our #1 goal to protect the health and safety of our customers? If so, then Wonderland-Labs can help you achieve that goal in just a few days time.


A: Absolutely everything you need to know to send us a sample for testing is included in a few simple instructions on the “GET A QUOTE” page and this page; the FAQ PAGE. Please save us and you a lot of time by taking just a few minutes to read through both. You may be surprised at how much time you will save by doing just a few minutes reading.

From HOW TO PREPARE YOUR SAMPLE TO SEND, to HOW MUCH TO SEND, to WHERE TO SEND IT TO US, to HOW TO PACKAGE YOUR SAMPLE, or HOW TO PAY US, is all answered in vivid detail on this page and the “GET A QUOTE” page. Help us help you by first helping yourself to the information we provide.


01. Read the FAQ. Find out HOW MUCH MATERIAL TO SEND based on the tests you want and what the material is by reading the “HOW MUCH TO SEND” FAQ.

02. Find out how to package your material by reading the “HOW TO PACKAGE YOUR SAMPLE” FAQ on this page.

03. Fill out the Sample Requisition Form in multiple places on the website, including the “GET A QUOTE” page.

04. If you’re wondering how long it will take to test, please read the “HOW LONG DOES TESTING TAKE” FAQ on this page.

05. If you’re wondering when and how to pay us, please read the “HOW DO I PAY YOU?” FAQ on this page.

06. If you’re wondering where to send the sample to, it’s on the Sample Requisition Form.

07. If you’re wondering how you see your results, please read the “WHAT EXACTLY DO I GET?” and/or the “WHAT EXACTLY IS THIS CLIENT DASHBOARD YOU TALK ABOUT?” FAQ on this page.

08. If you’re wondering how long testing will take, please read the “HOW LONG DOES TESTING TAKE? FAQ on this page.

At the risk of repeating myself, please read this FAQ and the GET A QUOTE page. I can promise you that 99% of all questions we’re asked 4-5 times a day are answered, in detail here. Empower yourself, spend a few minutes and read all you need to know about the testing process. If your question isn’t answered on the website, we are, of course, here to answer your questions. Most of the time, though, we end up reading the FAQ to you. Help yourself help us and thank you!


IMPORTANT NOTICE: You may be able to enter payment information on your WONDERLAND CLIENT DASHBOARD, but it’s not an active system, so please use one of the payment methods above. DO NOT CLICK THE “PAY” BUTTON TO TRY TO PAY.

A: PAYMENT INFORMATION: Payment information is included on the invoice we post to your private account once we receive your material and assign it a Sample Set number. We don’t invoice until we know this:

  1. That we can test the material you sent us.
  2. Confirm enough material was sent for testing.


  • ACH/Wire (for all testing)
  • Cash/Checks/Money Orders
  • BitCoin (Just ask for our BitCoin address or it’s included with your invoice.)
  • Facebook Messenger Pay (Send name is included on your invoice.)
  • PayPal (for any non-Kratom testing)
  • CREDIT CARDS* (Please read conditions below)

* We do have a credit card option for Kratom testing, but it carries a 12% service fee (our cost). Also, if there is anything related to Kratom on a website or email associated with your business name, there will be a 12% service fee as well. In addition, there are often international bank transaction fees that are beyond our control since credit card charges are passed through a foreign bank.

KEY POINT 1: Customers with whom we’ve built a relationship with, who leave a credit card on file, or who pay us a retainer have the luxury of having testing start as soon as we receive your material, and of seeing results as soon as we have them.

KEY POINT 2: We will add your material to the testing queue on EVIDENCE OF PAYMENT. This means you can scan the check you’ve sent us or take a screenshot of the payment you just sent us as proof of payment.

THEN: Once we receive your payment, we will post that we have received your payment to your account. Watch your milestones for progress as your payment is received, your sample is added to the queue, and moves into testing.

Q: How long does testing take?

A: Our lead time is currently at about 7-10 days for full panel testing. We can often provide individual results as they complete in the lab, but not always. It’s important to note, though, that there is no way to speed up the physical processes required for sample testing. Samples have to incubate for 24-48 hours when it comes to Material Identification and Percentages, 48-72 hours when it comes to Heavy Metals, and 72-96 hours (or more) when it comes to Biological Testing.

If re-testing is required, that starts a new incubation period of 48-72 for Heavy Metals or 72-96 for Biological. (We re-test at our expense whenever a POSITIVE result comes up. We will either re-run the same test, or we may choose to switch from USP to FDA BAM, which skips the enrichment process.)

CRITICAL: Turnaround times are from the time the material comes up in the queue AFTER EVIDENCE OF PAYMENT IS RECEIVED, not from the time your material arrives to us, unless you’re a repeat client.

So, depending on how rare the material you’re looking for is, and how extensive you want your testing to be, we can do ID rush jobs in 24 hours for a higher fee (1.5x – 2x the normal fee), but normal lead time typically runs at 7-10 days from the time of payment, even if you overnight your material to us without paying for express service. Any rush jobs need to be explicitly requested on the Sample Submission Form, and explicitly approved in writing by the lab. We know deadlines for testing is often yesterday, and we truly do understand how anxious and stressful it can be waiting for results, but we manage workloads as best we can. When we get numerous calls in a day asking the same few questions, it can slow things down, so patience is the best thing you can do for us and the testing process.

Q: This all sounds very expensive!

A: Actually, product identification and purity testing is quite cost effective. Also, once you have verification of a potential product sample’s purity, safety, potency, or identity, for just $99.00, you could potentially save thousands in product purchases that weren’t exactly what were advertised or promised. It’s also great marketing material. And honestly, it’s a small price to pay for your customer’s safety and your confidence. Check out our VERIFY page for more details.


  • Identification/Quantification ($99.00): We will positively identify the material you have provided, and provide you with the key Kavalactone or alkaloid content within the material. This test takes 24 hours.
  • Heavy Metals ($149.00): We test for Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury. Each test is $50.00 if ordered individually, although the FDA typically requires those core 4 for foods and supplements. This test takes 48 hours.
  • Biological Contamination ($99.00): We test for all major contaminants, and offer an FDA-compliant package of Aerobic Plate Count, Yeast, Mold, E. Coli, Coliforms, Staphylococcus, and Salmonella. This test takes 96 hours.

We provide stamped and signed certifications from our FDA and EPA registered manufacturing and testing facility in addition to emailed PDF files for quick reference.

There are a few rare exceptions to testing costs, such as requests for DNA testing, or testing of certain trace alkaloids such as 7-hydroxy and a few others. DNA tests vary by material, but are usually about $350.00 per test. Trace alkaloids vary by material as well, but usually run about $150.00 additional.

Q: What exactly do I get?

A: You FIRST get your results electronically via your WONDERLAND CLIENT DASHBOARD.

Then, you get a signed and embossed FDA-accepted Certificate of Analysis with key data related to your product or material.  We maintain strict traceability indefinitely and sample retention for 2 years, and can back up any results with 3rd party verification whenever required.  Wonderland Labs prides itself on the accuracy of its testing, the presentation of its results, and the traceability of its methods.

Please note that any samples submitted become the property of Wonderland-Labs, and all samples must be accompanied by a Sample Submission form, or they will be quarantined and then disposed of.

Q: What tests should I get?

A: We wish we could answer this question for you, but that is one you have to decide for yourself. The next question is often; “Well, what tests do most other people get?” – Again, there is unfortunately no “usual” when it comes to testing. We get an equal amount of clients who get just the ID/Percentage, we we have those getting the FULL PANEL, or combinations thereof.

For any material that will be intended for consumption, we run the exact tests required by the FDA. This does not mean that if we run the tests and the material is free from pathogens, that it’s legal for consumption. That is far outside our purview as a lab. We simply test for the common pathogens and levels of heavy metals as is required by the FDA, and then report on our findings.

  • Testing for ID/Percentage is critical to know if the material you’re testing is what you actually think it is.
  • Testing for Biological contaminants is critical if you want to know if it’s free of pathogens such as E. coli and others.
  • Heavy Metals testing is critical to know if the material has been adulterated, or if it has unacceptably large amounts of standard heavy metals in it, making it unsafe for consumption.
Q: How much do I need to send you?

A: We know that some extracts can be costly, so depending on what you send us, these are the required amounts:


  • ID/Content Only (POWDERS) = 5 grams
  • ID/Content Only (LIQUIDS) = 28ml / 1oz
  • ID / Biological / Metals (FULL PANEL – POWDERS) = 28 grams (Most common testing requested)
  • ID / Bio / Metals (FULL PANEL – LIQUIDS) = 84ml / 3oz


  • ID/Content Only (POWDERS) = 3 grams
  • ID/Content Only (LIQUIDS) = 14ml
  • ID / Biological / Metals (FULL PANEL – POWDERS) = 14 grams*
  • ID / Biological / Metals (FULL PANEL – LIQUIDS) = 56ml / 2oz*

We request just enough sample material to run our testing, and use most if not all of the material sent to us.  For that reason as well as sterility and chain of custody concerns, all samples become the property of Wonderland-Labs. Also, please note that any samples sent without the Sample Submission Form will be quarantined and then disposed of. We cannot return any material for any reason, with two exceptions:

  1. We can return the material if we are not capable of testing it, AND the material was accompanied by a Sample Submission Form.
  2. If an extract is particularly expensive, we can return any untested portion to you, as long as the material was accompanied by a Sample Submission Form.

* Requires approval in advance from Wonderland-Labs

Q: What container do I send my sample(s) in?

A: Honestly, it just requires some common sense. If you want to get a sample tested for purity at a lab, then take sensible steps to get the material to us untainted. Make sure you wash and dry your hands before taking a sample of the material, make sure the instrument you use to take a sample is clean, dry, and disinfected. To be extra safe, use a disinfectant in the area you’re going to be making the transfer. Make sure nothing additional gets into the material you are going to send us.

Then, if it’s a powder, place it in a Ziplok. To ensure it stays sealed, place that initial Ziplok inside another Ziplok. Just make sure they’re new bags and not recycled Ziploks that had yesterday’s lunch in it.

If you’re sending a liquid, make sure you have a clean and sterilized container that will not leak when being sent through the mail. You can tape the top of the liquid container on, and then place that inside a Ziplok or two. Glass containers are fine, just make sure they’re sealed and properly protected.

CRITICAL NOTE: Please read the FAQ on HOW MUCH MATERIAL TO SEND. We have to reject any sample that does not contain enough material for running our tests.

Q: When do I get my results?

A: For new clients, we do not start testing until we have evidence of your payment, such as a scan of the check you send us or a screenshot of the ACH transfer you make. There are instances where we may start testing in advance of payment but that is at our discretion.

For returning clients, once we establish a business relationship with you, we will begin testing as soon as we receive your material, but won’t release results until your payment has cleared or has been received by us. For long-term clients who have a perfect record of on-time payments, we will release results as soon as we have evidence of payment, or if we have your credit card on file.

Q: Can I drop samples off to you?

A: Not in any case, and there are no exceptions, sorry.  Everything is handled via our mailing address. Due to strict protocols for cleanliness, and because of a number of proprietary systems we have in place, we are not set up to accept outside visitors. Our doors are locked during the day because 99% of the time, we’re gowned up in lab coats, hair nets, booties, and cannot take the time to stop, undress, and answer the door.

We include detailed instructions for how to send us material, how to package it safely, and where to send it to on our GET A QUOTE page and our FAQ page, which you’re already on. You can FedEx material to us if it’s an emergency, and we do have a 24 hour turnaround time in those cases.

Q: Where do I send samples?

A: Where you send samples depends on how fast you need the results:


770 Sycamore Ave STE 493
Vista, CA 92083


Contact Keith at hotline@florascience.com or 800-647-3154 for the FedEx address.


Please know that it physically takes 24 hours to get you IDENTITY/PERCENTAGES, it physically takes 48-72 hours to get METALS, and it physically takes 72-96 hours for BIOLOGICAL TESTING minimum. It takes time for saturation for the metals and for colonies to grow for the biological. So, even if you paid us for Same Day service for METALS or BIOLOGICAL, it’s physically impossible to do that for you.

Also, we request just enough sample material to run our testing, and use most if not all of the material sent to us.  For that reason as well as sterility and chain of custody concerns, all samples become the property of Wonderland-Labs. Also, please note that any samples sent without the Sample Submission Form will be quarantined and then disposed of. We cannot return any material for any reason, with two exceptions:

  1. We can return the material if we are not capable of testing it, AND the material was accompanied by a Sample Submission Form.
  2. If an extract is particularly expensive, we can return any untested portion to you, as long as the material was accompanied by a Sample Submission Form.
Q: What is this Client Dashboard you talk about?

A: The Dashboard is an ultra-secure, up-to-the-minute outline of the entire testing process. You will know exactly where in the process your material is, from the moment we receive it, to the electronic invoicing, to when it’s up next in the queue and so on. You will get all the necessary details as you need them, and since we are 100% paperless, your requisition form, invoice, initial results, and final results will all be available as PDF’s on your dashboard.

Yes, we still send out official stamped, signed, and embossed certificates after the PDF copies are posted to your account.
Take a look at an example of the Wonderland Client Dashboard if you’re curious.
Q: Can I get my samples back?

A: We request just enough sample material to run our testing, and use most if not all of the material sent to us.  For that reason as well as sterility and chain of custody concerns, all samples become the property of Wonderland-Labs. Also, please note that any samples sent without the Sample Submission Form will be quarantined and then disposed of. We cannot return any material for any reason, with the exception that material can be return if we are not capable of testing it, AND the material was accompanied by a Sample Submission Form.

Q: What if you can't test my material?

A: All testing is up to the discretion of Wonderland-Labs. If any sample is deemed unsafe to test, or if it needs to be tested for something we cannot test for, as long as a Sample Submission Form accompanied the sample, this is one exception in which we can return your sample to you. Any sample that was not accompanied by a Sample Submission Form will be quarantined and then disposed of. Please do not send any samples with any intrinsic value unless we specifically discuss the samples via voice.

Q: How can you provide such inexpensive testing?

A: When it comes to testing materials, everything we offer testing for has to have a profile associated with it. This means that we need to have purchased a reference standard for any material we test here at the lab. Depending on the availability and complexity in testing, this can cost you upwards of $2,500.00 or more. NOT AT WONDERLAND-LABS.

We specialize in rare and exotic botanicals such as Kratom, Wild Dagga, Kanna, Lotus, Lily, Akuamma, Rivea Corymbosa, and many others. What this means is we’ve already developed a profile and reference standard for all of the materials in our current portfolio of materials we can provide testing for.

Q: What if my product comes up adulterated?

A: Adulteration in a material is not always a bad thing, especially if you’re making a blend of multiple materials into a single product. For example, if you are making a finished good that’s made up of 3 different herbs and want to get that finished good tested as is required by the FDA, if you’re looking for the percentage of single alkaloid that’s contained within just one of those three herbs, the results will come up as “Possible Adulteration” or “Adulterated”.

Or, if you send us material that’s an extract and don’t tell us it’s an extract, it will likely come up as adulterated or possibly adulterated. This is because extracts have different profiles than unprocessed raw material. For example, if a client sends us a sample labeled “Kava” but it’s actually a “Kava Extract”, it’s going to have a different chromatogram than raw Kava.

So, if the material you send us is anything other than 100% of a single unprocessed raw material, no matter what it is, it will come up as adulterated. In that case, what is most important, is that your product comes back with no pathogens or heavy metals. All we are determining is if the material you have provided us with is raw, unadulterated, unprocessed, just as it was harvested from Mother Nature material.

This is why it’s critical to alert us to the exact nature of your material. If it’s a blend, we need to know it’s a blend, and what components are in the blend (we don’t need to know the amounts of any proprietary blends). If it’s an extract, we need to know that it’s an extract, so we can compare the profile of your material against a pure extract of that same material. It also helps to know the solvent that was used when the extract was made; we have a large profile of extracts that have been extracted using different solvents. A material extracted with ethanol will have a different profile than a material extracted with methanol, or hexane, or various other solvents.

The way we determine “adulteration” is by comparing the material that’s sent to us against three different reference standards. One reference standard is an isolated alkaloid from the material. The second sample is raw, unprocessed material that we either grow in the lab ourselves, or know to be 100% pure plant material. The third is a set of extracts using several different solvents, including ethanol, methanol, and several others. This way, we create a visual reference called a “chromatogram” for each material. This chromatogram shows us what pure material looks like, which is very similar to a fingerprint, with one distinct difference: Plants of the same species and sub-species share extraordinarily similar visual profiles, unlike fingerprints and snowflakes which are all unique.

So, Tudei Kava, in both the Kavalactone lineup and the chromatogram will look very different than Noble Kava from Vanuatu. We have profiles for 14 different strains of Kava, so not only are we able to see what the Kavalactone lineup is, the chromatogram allows us to often discern the strain of Kava the material might be. This reference holds true for many of the products we test, including Mitragyna speciosa and several others.

If your material comes up as “possible” adulteration, it simply provides you to be cautious when making purchases of that material. If the alkaloid content is what you care most about, and the alkaloid content is exactly where you expect it to be, and both the biological and heavy metal testing come up negative, then it’s up to you to pursue any additional testing. Additional testing could consist of DNA testing, which typically costs about $349.00 per test.

Q: What if you find something illegal in my product?

A: This is a great question, and although it may sound like an odd one, we’ve been asked it enough to warrant an entry in our FAQ. The bottom line: there’s something known as “attorney-client privilege.” The same principle applies for anything we test here at Wonderland-Labs.

Obviously, we will not test any known illegal substances, but if something unexpected and/or illegal is found in the material you provide us with, we will not suddenly call the police to report our findings. We operate with complete confidentiality, and immediately dispose of any material that is found to have something illegal in it. We will report our findings to you, and it’s up to you to take whatever action is required to remain within the letter of the law.

This possibility is part of the core reasons for running tests on any material you plan to offer for sale. We’ve had more than a few lots of material that had completely unexpected adulterants in them. One of the most common adulterants occurs with Mitragyna speciosa samples we receive. There are several compounds that reflect light in nearly the same way that mitragynine and 7-hydroxy reflect the light. Without knowing it, you could be passing that adulterated product onto your consumers, and if that product was eventually tested by the FDA or DEA and there was an illegal adulterant found in the product, you would be on the hook for distributing and selling that material and/or finished product.

When you look at it that was, $99.00 is a small investment to ensure the material you think you’ve buying in good faith, is actually the material you think it is.

Q: Can I come visit the lab?

A: We wish we could give tours of the lab, and although you can come by to meet the staff, you cannot actually see inside our lab or Clean Room.  Methods and protocols were painstakingly developed, with a very specific range of equipment, and in this hyper-transparent world, we still have a great deal of proprietary information that must remain behind closed doors.  Also, with strict attention to pharmaceutical grade cleanliness, we don’t take any chances on contaminating our HEPA and bio-filtered lab environment.

Q: How can I take you seriously?

A: We strive to be different, and quirky and fun. No regulations state that a serious laboratory has to have gloss white walls and putty-colored floors. We’re sometimes here at the facility more than we’re at home, so we decided to make it into a space we all thoroughly enjoy working in.  We chose a theme from a movie we all adored; Alice in Wonderland, and named our lab after that. Proudly a division of Florascience, Inc., Wonderland Labs specializes in Kava Kava analysis, Kratom, Wild Dagga, Kanna, Blue Lotus/Lily, and other rare or exotic botanicals. We will let you know if you’re getting what you think you’re buying.

Q: Does it cost a lot more for Kratom testing?

A: We get this question a lot, and the answer is no. All of the tests for Mitragyna speciosa cost the same as any other material we process. The only exception is the test for 7-hydroxy, one of the 2 main alkaloids in Kratom. What most people are most interested in is the content of mitragynine in Mitragyna speciosa. 7-hydroxy plays such a minimal role, and is contained in only trace amounts in even the best sample material, that it requires a separate process.

That process costs an additional $150.00 from the usual $99.00 Identification/Percentage/Adulterant testing that we do.