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We get asked what this Wonderland Client Dashboard is that we’re always so excited about. Sometimes, a picture speaks a thousand words, so first take a look at what we’re talking about:

Wonderland-Labs Client Dashboard

From the top down:

  • Every new sample becomes part of a Sample Set, whether it’s 1 sample or many. In this example, it’s Sample Set 111641.
  • Next up in the left table is what you are getting tested.
  • To the right is a PDF of your original Sample Requisition Form
  • Underneath that is a PDF of your Invoice if you’re a customer prior to 2015.
  • Underneath that are the PDF’s of your Certificates of Analysis
  • To the far right, is a quick reference for the progress of your project.
  • Underneath that is our integrated Invoicing system, also 100% paperless.

In the next section we have Milestones:

  • It’s another quick reference to the progress of your project. We go from 10% (Material Received), to 20% (Invoice Sent), to 30% (Payment Received), to 40% (Up Next In Queue), to 60% (Testing Completed), to 70% (Results Compiling), to 90% (Results Emailed), to 100% (Hard Copies Sent).

Underneath that is the Discussion Section. This is where we can discuss the project, you can ask questions, and you will get any relevant notes that we feel are important. For example, if we get an inconclusive result, or if we get a “presumed positive” for E.coli using our initial screener, or even initial ID/Percentage results ahead of them being compiled into a pretty PDF Certificate. This is the live updating lifeline to your project.

COMMON QUESTION: Why is there such a gap in time between “Testing Completed” to “Results Emailed”?

ANSWER: When the data comes out of the appropriate machine for testing, it’s in the format of numbers and a chromatogram. It takes time, especially for large sample sets, to turn that information into something easy to read and understandable by anyone. We pride ourselves not only on the accuracy of our results, but in the sleekness of our process, and the attractiveness of our certificates. You wisely invested what can be a lot of money in this process to ensure the safety of all your customers, and we want everything to be and look and feel as professional as possible.

That meticulousness often comes at the expense of a little more time, but we still provide results days to weeks in advance of any other lab.