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We’re proud of the uniqueness of Wonderland Labs.  A fully compliant, Federally registered GMP testing facility, we focus on testing of unique botanicals such as Kava (Piper methysticum), Kratom (Mitragyna speciosa), Kanna (Sceletium tortuosum), Dagga (Lenourus leonotis), and other rare and exotic botanicals. (Once the federal restriction for Cannabis is lifted, we will also begin providing testing for THC content and identification of Cannabis strains.)  With a growing interest in dietary supplements, we provide manufacturers, vendors, and retailers with the confidence that their products are genuine, with the ingredient, alkaloid or lactone content they advertise.

Speaking of, a fully certified product also allows you to advertise that your product has a signed and verified Certificate of Analysis.  Our Certificates of Analysis have been painstakingly designed from the ground up and will stand up to any scrutiny by any independent or government agency such as the FDA.  We also work with the FDA in cases when they need expertise on botanicals they have not encountered before, and wish to know what is contained within them. Many labs will give their best guesstimate on the portfolio of botanicals we test whereas we have painstakingly used authentic reference samples and 99% pure alkaloids and lactones to ensure the most accurate results, test after test.

Anyway, since we spend so much time in the lab, we didn’t want it to be look sterile, with gloss white walls and gray floors.  We wanted to make it a fun place to work, while maintaining the strictest of standards. Our white lab coats turned into Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Our floors turned into a beautiful arrangement of colors themed after Alice in Wonderland sets.  Our stairs to our mezzanine, where a beautiful, skylight-laden work area exists, open to an expansive checkered floor that only needs giant chess pieces to complete the picture. We take compliance very seriously, but we also take our unique and pleasant environment just as seriously. For some photos of our parent company; Florascience, Inc., just check out their website.

Our testing equipment is state of the art, and we’re constantly updating and revising our proprietary procedures to maintain the highest of standards.  With several different methods of HPLC available, we can test a wide range of products and raw materials quickly and accurately.