First, check your email for a PDF of the form you just completed.  The Subject contains “Sample Submission”. Although it’s not required, if you print that form and include it with your sample(s) — it makes it easier on us.

Then, you only need to send us your samples (and if you wish, payment to get your testing started as quickly as possible). If you are unsure about any of the remaining steps, simply look to our “CAN YOU WALK ME THROUGH THE SUBMISSION PROCESS?” article, or just give us a ring during normal working hours at 800-647-3154.

So, Sample Submission Form, Payment (Optional) and Samples to:

Wonderland Labs
770 Sycamore Ave, Ste 423
Vista, CA 92083

As always, we’re here to make the Sample Submission Process as painless as possible, so don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions, issues, or cocerns. The lab email is “” and my direct email is ““.

Additional info about your CLIENT DASHBOARD is a click away, and detailed answers are on our FAQ and BLOG page.

Best Regards,
Keith | Lab Nerd
Wonderland Labs
OFFICE: 800-647-3154

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