Kratom drug testing is the headline we use to direct potential clients to our lab. Kratom is not a drug, although it seems “kratom drug testing” is a popular search word for Google. Kratom is a natural herbal product from Indonesia, that has taken the world by storm. There is a great deal of controversy around this ancient plant, but it seems there is also incredible potential for this plant as well.

At Wonderland Labs, we don’t make any judgements on the material we test, nor do any certificates from us change the legality of anything that we test. Let me explain: Just because we test KRatom for the same tests that the FDA requires for consumable products, doesn’t give you a license to sell that product for consumption.

In the FDA’s eyes, Kratom is a new drug or sorts, or more accurately; a New Dietary Ingredient that needs to go through a series of rigorous tests before they would be willing to allow Kratom for sale in the marketplace as a dietary supplement.

And, just because your product, if it happens to be Kratom, passes the full panel of our tests, does not automatically mean it’s safe for consumption. All we do here at the lab is test for the common pathogens that the FDA requires any product needs to be devoid of (or below certain thresholds in order to be considered safe for consumption. The catch with this, is that we’re testing products that have already been deemed as GRAS products (“Generally Regarded As Safe”) by the FDA.

When a product is already in the category of safe for consumption, all we’re doing is verifying, through a series of lab tests, that there have been no adulterants or pathogens added to the product, and that there are levels of common heavy metals (Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury) that are within acceptable bounds for anything that is intended for consumption.

Also, we do Kratom drug testing only in terms of testing it within a product, and not a human. We get asked if we have a urine test or if we can test for Kratom in urine, but that is beyond the scope of our facility. We strictly test products that are intended for consumption, and not people who may have consumed something.

More generally, if you’re looking to get Kratom tested, whether or not you consider it a drug or a natural herbal product, Kratom is one of the materials we specialize in. With over 3 years of testing over 1,000 samples, we’ve built up a unique profile and method for detecting Kratom, alkaloids, and the purity of samples that are provided to us.

We also have a very simple, but comprehensive website (this one) that walks you through the entire process of getting us a sample and getting it tested.

You can look to the “GET A QUOTE” page for initial details and answers:


This outlines the different testing and pricing we offer on several big charts. ID/Percentage is just $99.00, Biological is just $99.00, and Heavy Metals testing is just $129.00.

You can then look to the “FAQ” page for specifics on the most popular questions we get asked (and even some less popular ones):


And then, you can see the unique WONDERLAND CLIENT DASHBOARD we provide you with. It walks you through the entire process from sending us a sample to receiving your hard copies in the mail, and everything in-between.


We love what we do, and we are warriors for Kratom. Because of this, we provide a superior service (we think) for a super reasonable price, with ultra-fast turnaround times, and complete communication start to finish. No other lab we know of can promise that! Wonderland Labs wants to be your one-stop for all Kratom drug testing, whether you’re looking to find the quality and purity of material that you’re considering for purchase, have already purchased, or plan to manufacture into a product.


A Certificate of Analysis will confirm that any material is safe for consumption according to FDA guidelines. It doesn’t mean it’s legal for consumption, it just means that if the tested material were to be consumed, it would not contain any of the common pathogens that are most-often and most-likley to be found in foods and/or dietary supplements.


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